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Established in 2016, the Neuromuscular Disease Support Organization, or NMDSO, was created by Sandi Sanderson after experiencing her close friend’s battle with a neurodegenerative disease. NMDSO was created to assist individuals and families impacted by these devastating conditions. In 2021, NMDSO transformed into Task Force Neuro in order to align with a new mission to improve collaboration between organizations to enhance care capabilities in local communities. Task Force Neuro is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization made up of volunteer staff. Funding for the organization comes from individual donations and grants.

Our Site

The Task Force Neuro website is designed to, not only, provide information, yet also facilitate collaboration and operate as a location to coordinate efforts. Please scroll down to learn more about what we are all about. If you want to dive deeper into helping out, please go back to the top and check out our initiatives and ways to help. Additionally, to maximize involvement, consider becoming a site member. As a member, you can join our groups. These groups connect our volunteers, core team members, and our Task Force partners.

Our Mission

While each experience is uniquely different, our task force partners know all about the challenges associated with a neurodegenerative disease diagnosis. Many have first-hand experience with this difficult journey. With this knowledge, Task Force Neuro has three fundamental objectives:

1. Lead the advocacy effort in ensure our neighbors impacted by neurodegenerative diseases have adequate care capabilities and resources. We seek to identify and mitigate care gaps through our partnerships and coordination efforts.

2. Assist the impacted, and their families, with the creation of an effective and compassionate team designed to assist with all aspects of care management. Each person should be aligned with the appropriate organizations and services in a professional manner.

3. Sustain the ability to assist with medical-related home improvements, equipment, home health care, legal guidance, respite, and financial planning.